Whether you are a voracious reader, savvy searcher, or AI aficionado, we have the methods in place for you to find your expression.

  • Use curated categories and filters: If you love scanning, sorting, and selecting, follow our language-category-sub-categories organization to find your perfect expression. You can even choose a tone to match your mood (friendly, funny, serious, philosophical, inspirational, and more).
  • Use search and filters: When you know your keyword—a word (for example, family), a feeling (for example, ecstasy), a concept (for example, teamwork), a special day or festival (for example, Mother’s Day), just search for the keyword and find your perfect expression.
  • Use our wizard: Looking for creative ideation and want our technology to help you? Our Photo Expression wizard will suggest keywords for your photo and help you find your favourite thoughts! (Currently available for English only)

Upload your photo in the Photo Expression wizard. The wizard analyses your photo and suggests tags that it will use to fetch you expressions. You can refine the suggestions by removing the tags you do not need and adding your own for better results. Bingo!

Aren’t we like each other? For people like you and us, we send timely updates before events. All you have to do is enable the notifications for the Cretorial app on your phone.

To reuse captions or use them in a later session, log in and like the captions. These captions will appear in your profile.

Your feedback is essential for us to keep our ever-growing collection creative, engaging, and inclusive. If you find anything inappropriate, offensive, incorrectly attributed, or just needing a touch of refinement, report through the Flag button in the expression card.

Any image files that you upload using the Cretorial app may be stored on our image detection partner servers. We use image detection technology to detect photo tags in the wizard workflow and we further use our proprietary Cretorial Technology to suggest concepts and feelings around which you can get the best expressions. Your files are only saved for data training purposes.

While you will find great, original expressions using a paid license, we recommend that you contact the Cretorial team for getting premium access to more resources, including a team of talented creative and marketing professionals, for bespoke creatives for your current and future projects.

Sure. You can use multiple expressions for creating your posts. Since you’re talking commercials, do perform all standard checks for fitment for the brand. We jumpstart your creative journey for commercial campaigns. You should apply discretion and checks like you do in all other commercial work.
If you need help in getting custom support with new creatives for your clients, contact the Cretorial team for high-quality support for strategy, reach, and impact.

Definitely. Please share your requirements using the form here Link here

No. We provide no refunds for purchases.

Sure. Mail us at support@cretorial.com along with details.

We have tried our best to attribute captions to their authors. While using these captions, please make sure that you are not claiming them as your own. We also have a large number of original captions in our ever-growing collection. Feel free to make them your own. Who knows you can give them a twist that makes them go viral?

Yes. We will continue to add content for topical events, festivals, and new themes from time to time.

You can use as many expressions as you want as long as you subscribe. Once you unsubscribe, the service will not be available to you.

No, you cannot copy the content from the app and save in private files. The Cretorial app is available for online use. If you like a caption, like it from within the app. It will be in your profile, and you can use it as long as you subscribe to the Cretorial app.

We will announce contest results in our app within 30 days from the closing date of a contest.

The criteria for selecting the winners will be decided by a qualified jury appointed by Cretorial. Our decision in respect of all matters of the contest will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.