Design amazing social media graphics with the power of content

If you've landed on the blog post, we don't need to explain you the power of social media. Now that's aside, let's begin the discussion with a two-fold question. Is there a secret sauce of maintaining a positive presence on social media? If yes, what the cost of doing so? The traditional answer would be hiring a copywriter, digital marketing and a design agency and also having the time and effort to manage them in harmony to get the desired results. Huh, not so interesting? If that was your response, then read below to decode the smarter option.

Welcome to Cretorial

Welcome to the smarter option. Welcome to Cretorial.  The world of smart, simple, and scalable creation. The secret sauce of engaging social media has two ingredients, powerful graphics, and viral ready content. The app, Cretorial, simplifies the problem of creativity at scale. The app marries the power of smart design with power of relevant content to amplify your social media quotient. The first to solve the problem at both ends, Cretorial, gives you an edge over your competitors with a fraction of the cost.

Small and growing businesses, social influencers, and professional bloggers need unique, original curated collections. Whatever be your domain and level of expertise, harness the power of creativity on the go. Gone are the days of using multiple platforms for designing and spending additional hours in creative ideation. Get quotes, slogans, blog ideas and creative hashtags and match them with unique design templates all within the app. Select the expression, the design graphic and create within the app. It’s that simple. The one stop solution for all your social media needs. With Cretorial app, you now are your own marketing agency.

The Smarter Choice

Ensure your brand voice is not getting lost in the din on social media. Never run out of creative ideas to express yourself better. Ditch the hassle and experience Cretorial. Your one stop solution to all your social media marketing needs is now in your pocket. Befriend results, befriend Cretorial. Download now!