Why is Cretorial the smarter choice for copywriters?

How much time do you spend planning and writing creative content for social media posts? Waaayyy Overtime. Isn’t that right? Well, that stops now. Introducing Cretorial's copywriting tool which dramatically cuts down on the time and research curve and helps you do more in less. Cretorial is an amazingly simple, yet unimaginably powerful tool that turns copywriting into a cakewalk. It turns you into an insanely productive copywriter with a million ideas. Isn't that awesome?

Well, we caught you wondering- there are multiple copywriting tools available on the internet, so how’s Cretorial different than the rest?

Valid enough, let's explore how Cretorial changes the game.

1.     Search Output

Cretorial delivers relevant search results, not just emotionless copies you can find everywhere. Our results are humanly crafted, filtered, and optimized to connect with your intended audience. Cretorial's messages ensure you spark that personal touch with your audience that the trained softwares fail to deliver. Stop compromising on your brand's voice, turn your imagination into one, with Cretorial.

2.     Matching Hashtags

Another domain where the majority of trained softwares fail is providing relevant, optimized, and matching hashtags for social posts. It is proven that adding hashtags to your posts increases their visibility, improves reach, and extends the life of your posts. Cretorial, has taken all the hard work out of hashtag research so that you get viral-ready content, optimized for reach with each click!

3.     Word and Tonality Filters

Tired of trying tonality filters and getting no relevant suggestions? Well, that’s not the case with Cretorial. Filter your search results by industry relevance standards- photo caption, slogan, call to action, blog ideas, and much more. Also, you can specify the word limit to filter out search results as per your needs. Get clear, crisp, and concise results with Cretorial.

4.    Mobile Compatibility

For those who don’t have access to a desktop 24*7, Cretorial, the app, lets you dive deep into the real essence of on-the-go creativity. Our app is a complete social media tool right in your hands, wherein you have the power to create a social post from scratch, without any prior experience. Don’t believe us?

Here's how:

  • Select a background from a wide selection of free-to-use stock images or our designed templates.
  • Select the relevant expression.
  • Add your brand's logo and/or tweak your creation with the in-app photo editor.

And you're done!

5.     AI Wizard

A wizard that learns and grows with you and for you. It detects photo content, identifies its feelings, and connects with the popular concepts for magical results. Finding the perfect expression for your photo made simple. So, take a backseat and let our AI wizard do its magic!

6.    Accessibility

Jump right into the creative zone with Cretorial. Explore our tool as a ‘Guest user’ by clicking at https://cretorial.ai/business and get a glimpse at the future of copywriting. No credit card information required!

7.     User Friendliness

Our user interface is as simple as ABC! Login and you get the tools you need as a copywriter at your fingertips, without any BS! Have a concept in mind? Search using millions of keywords and get relevant expressions. Keep the keyword match on if you want the exact term in search results. Turn it off to expand your search and get more creative results.